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Our downtown pick-up location will be permanently closing its doors on July 1st, 2024
Our downtown pick-up location will be
permanently closing its doors on July 1st, 2024.


Natural Matte Business Cards

Our FSC-certified eco-friendly Natural Matte business cards are your best choice in Toronto when you want to go green as well as local. They have a crisp, natural paper texture that combines with our high-quality Blitz printing to provide a card boasting not only a classic look and feel but a commitment to the environment as well.

Natural Business Cards

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    "Shine and texture options: Foil stamping and letterpress available, just ask for your custom touch." Custom Inquiry
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Technical Specs

  • Printing: Offset Press
  • Paper: Uncoated 16pt.


We ship your orders using Canpar Express, which delivers one day after they are shipped from our location. We will provide tracking numbers for you to stay updated on your order. We cannot take responsibility for any shipping delays by Canpar, our turnaround time only accounts for our production. Please take shipping times in addition to our production time into account if your order is time sensitive.

PDF Proof

We offer free PDF proofs for customers who would like to ensure the orientation and cropping of their cards. We will only proceed to production when the customer approves of the proof. This delays the production process so it is not recommended for customers whose orders are time sensitive.

Colour Disclaimer

We try our best to get the colours to match as closely to the customer's design as possible, but we cannot guarantee a 100% match. If you are concerned about the quality of your print we recommend taking advantage of our hard proof services.

Design Disclaimer

To maintain the highest quality of this product, special attention must be paid to the design of your business card. This product is best printed on with heavy coverage limited to one (1) side only. If you are unsure, please contact us for more information by sending your design to us for evaluation.

Size Options

We offer our business cards in various sizes to choose from!









Finishing Options

Choose from our various finish options to give your cards more character

Rounded Corners
Want something extra for your cards? Add rounded corners to your cards to give them a softer and more playful impression.

Design Support

We offer a variety of design support services ranging from,
simple text information updates, to designing logos to help jumpstart your brand.

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