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Sticker FAQs

Do you offer samples?

Yes! You can order a Sticker Sample Pack here.


What is included in your sample pack?

In our free Sticker Sample Pack are sticker sheets of 9 fun stickers printed on various sticker stocks for you to visualize what yours might look like!


Can I write on your stickers?

You can write on the matte paper and kraft stickers, other stocks have a glossy surface that is not suitable for writing.


Are your stickers weatherproof?

Some of our stickers are weather resistant, for example our vinyl stickers and PVC stickers. Others are paper based so they should be used indoors.


What type of adhesive do you use?

The type of adhesive on stickers is “permanent”. While on some stocks like the vinyl stickers they may be peeled off, they are not designed to be and may damage the sticker if removed.


Will my stickers leave a residue behind when removed?

Our vinyl stickers are generally clean and won’t leave residue when removed. However, our “permanent” stickers are more intended to stay and may leave residue when removed.


Can you make stickers with adhesive on the front?

Unfortunately at this point we don’t offer front adhesive stickers. However, we can print clear vinyl stickers with the image reversed so you can achieve a similar effect.


Can I write on your stickers?

You can write on the matte paper and kraft stickers, other stocks have a glossy surface that is not suitable for writing.


What is your least expensive sticker shape?

For generic shapes (square, rectangle, circles, ovals) there is no difference in the price. Only custom stickers with complex shapes have increased costs.


Can I order less than 25 custom stickers?

Our minimum quantity accounts for the baseline charge for labour and printing. While you can choose to order less than 25 stickers, the pricing will still be the same.


What are the smallest stickers you can make?

The smallest custom sticker we can produce is 0.5” x 1.5”. We are unable to accept orders for designs that are smaller than this size.


Are you able to print white ink on clear stickers?

Yes! We offer white ink for printing on our clear vinyl stickers.


What’s the recommended line thickness for stickers and labels?

It is recommended to use at least 1pt for line thickness, but there are other factors that can affect the visibility of fine lines, such as colour, resolution, and stock chosen. If you have fine details, please send us an inquiry with the graphic and we’ll determine if it is suitable for printing.


What is kiss-cutting?

Kiss-cutting is using a machine to etch out a custom design shape by using software to read guide lines from a file. This is how we create custom stickers with complex shapes.


How accurate is your cutting?

Our accuracy is within a 0.01” tolerance. However, we recommend that there is a 0.125” border between the graphic and the cut.


Do you print reflective stickers?

We offer reflective hologram stickers with a chrome rainbow like effect which changes with the light. At this point, we only offer a smooth reflective surface and not textured hologram stickers.


Can you print using metallic inks or foil?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to print using metallic inks. However, we do offer hologram stickers, which are printed on a shiny metal-like stock. We do offer Foiled stickers, where we apply foil onto the sticker using a foil stamping technique. More information can be found here. [link to foil stamped stickers]


How much space is required between each image on a sticker sheet?

It is recommended that you provide a minimum 0.25” gap between each image on a sticker sheet.


Should I include a bleed?
Please do! If you want printing all the way to the where the kiss-cut is, please extend the graphic past the die line by 0.125”.


What is a die line?

A die line is where you indicate where the kiss-cut would occur. Please indicate this on a separate layer using 0.1pt for the line in 100% magenta.


What file should I supply for sticker printing?

Ideally a vectorized image should be supplied for best quality, but we also accept raster images at 150dpi minimum.