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Sticker Design Guideline

Here at Blitz we are committed to creating the ideal print products for you, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines before submitting your files for a simple and hassle-free production process.

We also offer Blank Templates for you to place your files and check to see if they comply with our Design Guidelines.

1. Please submit either a vector or minimum 150dpi raster image for your sticker. Vector format is ideal here as it provides the highest resolution. 


2. Please create a die line on a separate layer. Our software will read this layer to know where to kiss cut. The die lines should be 0.1pt thick and 100% magenta. 



3. If your sticker is full bleed (graphic reaching all the way to the edge), please extend the graphic at least 0.125″ past the kiss cut edge.

4. If you are setting up multiple stickers, please make sure there is at least a 0.25″ space between each sticker.