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Standard Cards

Satin Cards

The sleek, smooth and always popular Satin collection is the perfect blank slate for making a statement. Simply designed and supple to the touch, you won’t find a simpler, more elegant way to introduce yourself. Our Satin stock is printed from our digital press to ensure affordability while guaranteeing a high-quality product. This card doubles as the most practical and cost-effective means of ordering in large volume. High quality, high quantity: it’s a match made in heaven.

Silk Cards

Reliable and professional, yet unforgettable: it’s what we all strive for. Shouldn’t your business card be the same? Our Silk cards offer just that – a rich, thick feel in hand that gives your customers or clients a distinct sense of value. They’re likely to hang onto this durable card.
Our extensive lamination process ensures a scuff-free finish that stays in good shape after even six months of wear and tear!
Just like you, these cards don’t wear out easily.

suede cards

Our Suede cardstock is the truly luxurious card that you crave. This bespoke design has a distinctly fashionable feel that exceeds description. It’s thick and soft. Flexible and luxurious. And it offers the richest possible black of all matte finishes. That makes this card perfect for bold styling and vibrant designs. So go ahead, get creative with foil stamping and metallic ink. Leave a lasting impression with this lush cardstock.

natural matte cards

A clean, simple style that speaks for itself, this card is inspired by nature for a truly world-class design. If you’re all about the natural look, these cards will be love at first sight. And feel. An uncoated texture offers this collection a light, pulpy impression. Stripped down to a natural design, these cards offer an environmentally-friendly alternative for an environmentally-conscious professional, something your clients and colleagues will be sure to notice. The distinct matte finish underpins this subtle, delightful card, offering a unique and truly memorable design.

kraft cards

The rustic look and feel that you already know and love, our Rough Kraft cardstock is a timeless option.
Make a definitive statement with tasteful brown colouring, pulpy texture and classic, unfussy look.
This cardstock pairs perfectly with a sharp design, limited colour palette and bold typeface.
Rough Kraft is an FSC-certified stock, which makes for an environmentally-friendly card.




Let us help you create your ideal cards

Our Design Process

Receive Brief
The customer submits their logo, business card information, and all relevant files
Research / Brainstorming
We will research the customer's brand, get to know them, and their needs
Our designers will generate artworks based on research and the received design brief
If necessary, we will make changes as requested by the customer