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“Yes I’m naturally beautiful and proud of it!”

Light with a slight pulpy texture, the Natural Matte is an environmentally conscious card for an environmentally conscious business. The uncoated texture prints out less saturated compared to our other coated cards. The natural finish is sure to catch attention, but we won’t recommend full-colour backgrounds and detailed images.



  • Environmentally conscious
  • Perfect for clean designs
  • Round edges available
  • Fast turnaround and “Rush” options available



*All Prices include double sided and full colour


Silk Business Card


“I am silky, smooth with a hint of shine to brighten up your day. Best of all I’m reliable, always professional and not to forget affordable”
It comes as no surprise that these cards are our most popular go-to option to help out customers in a tight spot for a last minute order. Although these cards can be turned around fast, you can rest assured that they are nothing short of quality and style.


  • Suitable for bold vibrant designs
  • The cleanest white card stock
  • Round edges can
  • Fast turnaround and quick turnaround options available


*All Prices include double sided and full colour



“Go big and save cost! Our Satin Business Cards are well suited for businesses or individuals that are looking to order cards in large volumes. By far, these are the most cost effective option for ordering of this nature.


  • Cost effective on large orders
  • Light sheen to the card


  • Colour matching
  • Proof printing
  • Rush service


*All Prices include double sided and full colour


Suede Business Cards


“I’m luxurious, soft in touch and definitely ooze in class”
Beautifully smooth in feel with the suede material simulation, these cards are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression to the hands that you place them in. If you are looking for cards that are simply classy but will not break your pocket, look no further.

  • Suitable for bold vibrant designs
  • Feel expensive but inexpensive
  • Choice of thickness
  • Round edges available
  • Fast turnaround and “Rush” options available
  • Soft Velvet Lamination
  • Reduces contrast, and gives an overall lighter, muted appearance.

*All Prices include double sided and full colour

Rough Kraft Business Cards(18pt.)


“Rustic and loving it”

Fun fact, our Rough Kraft Cards are FSC Environmentally approved and printed though our Digital Press. Rough Kraft paper has a brown colour and pulpy texture giving it that rustic look and feel. A little advice… We don’t recommend using Dark colour backgrounds or photo-based files. Bold designs with a limited colour palette, and a strong typeface work best with these little beauties.


  • Work well with clean vector designs
  • Natural rustic look
  • Round edges available
  • Fast turnaround and “Rush” options available


*All Prices include double sided and full colour


Pearl Business Cards

“Classically beautiful”
It really is all in the name of these Pearl Business cards.
Offered in White or Off-White, the lustrous shimmer and classical look definitely leave you with that timeless feeling.
These cards are also a great way of enhancing the look of what can be a simple design.  

*All Prices include double sided and full colour


“You can never have too much character or class!”
Look no further if you want something that oozes character, simply looks elegant and is beyond pleasant to touch. The dips and grooves on our white textured felt card capture light and shadows in a way that’s captivating within the eyes of the beholder. Perfect for illustrated, artistic or photographic designs.

*All Prices include double sided and full colour


“A touch of frost”

If you are in search of something a little different from the norm, why not try our frosted plastic business cards. These cards work well with vector designs. A little additional advice, be sure to keep in mind that plastic business cards have a single sided print. Your design will be seen on the reverse as this is a transparent card.  

  • Full Colour Printing(CMYK)
  • Four rounded Corners
  • Tear-resistant and water proof.
  • Thickness : 14mil(15pt.)
  • Size : 3.5″x2″

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