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Mounted Posters

Mounted Posters

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We ship your orders using Canpar Express, which delivers one day after they are shipped from our location. We will provide tracking numbers for you to stay updated on your order. We cannot take responsibility for any shipping delays by Canpar, our turnaround time only accounts for our production. Please take shipping times in addition to our production time into account if your order is time sensitive.

PDF Proof
We offer free PDF proofs for customers who would like to ensure the orientation and cropping of their cards. We will only proceed to production when the customer approves of the proof. This delays the production process so it is not recommended for customers whose orders are time sensitive.

Colour Disclaimer
We try our best to get the colours to match as closely to the customer's design as possible, but we cannot guarantee a 100% match each time. If colour matching is essential to your design, we recommend ordering a Proof Print and coming into our shop in person to review and confirm the colour before production.

Mounting Options

Choose from our various mounting options to support your large poster

Foamcore 4mm
Foamcore is a mounting material consisting of polystyrene sandwiched between smooth uncoated paper. It is lightweight, making it easy to handle, suitable for indoor displays.
Coroplast 4mm
Coroplast, short for “corrugated plastic”, is a mounting material made entirely of plastic that offers a lightweight and durable solution for outdoors displays.
Sintra 4mm
Sintra is a material made from polyvinyl chloride (pvc) that offers a rigidity at a relatively light weight. Unlike coroplast and foamcore, it cannot be easily compressed and is not hollow, making it sturdier than the two. Sintra is suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays.

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