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Kiss Cut Vinyl Stickers

Outdoor Durable Adhesive Vinyl

Kiss Cut Stickers

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How To Create A Sticker Cut Path In Adobe Illustrator

1. Open your image File

2. Copy image layers for outline.

Hide first layer

3. Path Unite

Select all the artwork in the cut path layer and go to pathfinder > Unite.



4. Make offset Path

Effect -> Path -> Offset Path

Object -> Extend Appearance



5. Make outline to cutline

  1. Cut Line Colour : Magenta 100% (C:0, M:100%, Y:0, K:0)
  2. Line Thickness : 0.25pt. (Line spot name : CutContour) 
  3. Kiss Cut Line must be closed.


6. Show First Layer and Save AS PDF




7. Submit your file and order.