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premium sample Pack & Colour swatches

Introducing the all new Premium Sample Pack

Carefully comprised with a selection of cards that demonstrate specialty finishes, this is the best way to get a taste of our luxurious printing press.

Explore the world of letterpress, foil stamp, emboss and debossing, Spot UV as well as Paper textures and thickness. All our paper stocks on offer have undergone testing to ensure we are only providing and working with the finest papers.


CAD $10



6 Popular paper stocks

10 Premium card samples

8 Colour swatches

6 Giclée Print Samples

$10 discount coupon

What’s Included Inside

Colour estimation charts

Cover weight stocks – Satin, Natural matte, Silk, Suede, Rough Kraft     /    Text weight stocks – Gloss, Natural matte, Kraft


At Blitz, we understand the challenges that designers and branding agencies can have with managing expectations when it comes to colour accuracy with print. We all know, unless you are printing Pantone colours or have a perfected screen calibration with your intended printer, often time what you see on your digital monitor is not what you will get with print.

Exclusively from Blitz, we have created a Blitz Colour Estimation Chart on the back of our card stock options. Simply to guide the designer, these are a great place to start in understanding how certain CMYK Colour codes will print on the desired card stock. There are so many variables to consider when printing from paper stock to colour accuracy, so use and explore our colour estimation chart. Design with confidence!



Get the Right Colour with your print. It’s simple. Once you receive your Blitz Colour Estimation Chart through the post, use the colour swatches with the CMYK values to achieve the same colour. These cards are a great reference point to achieving the colour you are looking for. Follow these three simple steps below.

1. Pick your desired colour from the swatches

2. Using the swatch code, find your CMYK value  which can be found on the back of our cards

3. Apply the CMYK value to your design




1. Vast selection of CMYK colour swatches have been printed  on our card stock options

2. Designer can clearly see how each CMYK colour will look  when printed on desired card stock

3. 90% plus accuracy can be achieved with these swatch colours  on the standard printing press.

Design Guideline
Blank Templates
Proof Print
Colour Swatch