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Meet our Heidelberg press

A time-honoured ritual as much as a tool, the renowned Heidelberg press is a testament to superior workmanship and an unyielding desire for quality. Designed and built by German craftsmen nearly 150 years ago, these presses quickly became a coveted possession for leading machinists. And it remains the industry-leader in quality and precision to this day. An imposing figure in any printing house, our original Heidelberg is an integral part of our printing processes. We use it to handcraft bespoke designs like perforations, embossing, die-cutting and hot foil stamps. This creates gorgeous products as unique as the machine itself. Simply because nothing else comes close to its meticulous process and beautiful end products.

Premium Business cards

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Every template comes with premium papers stocks and finishings, plus design service to help you customize your cards.

Premium Finishings

Explore our various techniques in business card enhancement

Spot UV Coating

Make your card shine – literally – with Spot UV gloss. When applied to the surface of your card, Spot UV creates a shiny, clear layer in your own design. Highlight your logo, business name or simply part of your design – and contrast it beautifully with the rich, deep matte finish of the card, creating an eye-catching design that’s simply impossible to ignore. Spot UV is a cost-effective way to add an element of style and individuality to your card.

Foil Stamping

“Uniquely stylish and elegant” Experience our premium business cards with foil stamping and edge colour painting options. Give your design the royal seal of excellence by adding our metallic foil to your text or graphic design.


Give your card the vintage look with our letterpress finish. We create a die from your image and create an imprint with our Heidelberg press for that classy artisan look and feel.

Edge Paint

Make your card stand out from the deck with a splash of edge paint. Choose from a dozen colours, including: Tin, Red, Rich Lilac, Tangerine, Rosemarie, Nickel, Deep Turquoise, Crisp Blue, Pearl, Rose Gold, Raspberry Rose, and Soft Butter.

Blind Emboss / Deboss

A memorable impression on any card! First, your choice of text is cast into two dies: one raised and one recessed. The dies interlock seamlessly. We apply the perfect level of pressure and press your choice of paper between them. This squeezes the paper’s fibres, creating a permanent impression

Die Cutting

Want to make your card more unique? Give it a specific shape or knockout parts of the paper using the die cut finish.




Let us help you create your ideal cards

Our Design Process

Receive Brief
The customer submits their logo, business card information, and all relevant files
Research / Brainstorming
We will research the customer's brand, get to know them, and their needs
Our designers will generate artworks based on research and the received design brief
If necessary, we will make changes as requested by the customer